A Faith Based Mental Performance & Resilience Program for Youth

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The Opportunity

Armor youth with the world changing power of the mind.

This exciting program combines scripture & powerful skills from sport, performance & resilience psychology, which are delivered to you with 12 free sessions of a powerful animated skill video, a captive applied activity (workbook), & a relevant prayer all in an easy to use online format.

Higher Power Mind trains key mental skills required for youth to break free from limitations of the mind, unleash supernatural talents, experience more joy, and magnify the results of everyone’s hard work so that they can do great & mighty things in sports, arts, academics, & life. 


Higher Power Mind is geared toward middle and high school. However, it could easily be used for younger or older youth as well.

Higher Power Mind is more than just a program. I believe it is a way of life. We too often get caught up in who the world tells us we are and not who God tells us we are. These mental skills can be used in any aspect of your life. It is so powerful to know that God has a plan for us and that we are destined for greatness. This program can help youth…really, anyone, to gain confidence and achieve greatness.

Katie, Education Director, The Joseph School

I think the premise behind this idea is amazing – spot on. Our minds are so powerful and this can effect every aspect of our day. The teacher in me likes the process of learning each skill – the video to explain, then the sheet to practice, then the prayer (which are amazingly well written, by the way!!). It was easy to follow; we knew how to figure out what part to do next, even our 9 year old loved it!

Anessa, Teacher, Mother of 5

Our students were participating the whole time during these lessons (which is not easy for middle/high school kids). The kids were excited and motivated by these lessons, it also had them thinking about how they could be the best they can be.

Kelly, Youth Leader, Rock Church City Heights

I absolutely LOVE the way you have woven Scripture into each and every skill. I also love the way you have tied your previous training and experience into the videos – our kids liked hearing about that – and the real life examples you gave – very relevant to kids today. I also love how you continually point the kids/viewers back to God. All of what we do is to bring Him glory – our talents came from Him and you are to use those gifts to honor Him. You hit that point home well.

Jason, Father of 5

I remember these mental skills when it comes to my classes and thinking that God has prepared me to do this and would not put me in situations I can’t handle. I also understood how to use these skills with social pressures and challenges in my relationships.

Alex, 17