I have a theory about what helps Tom Brady continue to go to Super Bowl, after Super Bowl, after Super bowl….ok, I won’t do this 9 times. Here’s the thing. It’s hard to get to the top, but it could be said that it is just as hard or harder to stay there. In our efforts to accomplish our goals, we often focus on achieving the goal, as we should. But what happens once we get it? We should celebrate, praise God, receive the joy, and intentionally reflect on what God did to get us to that point. Sometimes, what also happens is that we get arrogant which can lead us on a slippery slope. Some common icy roads that we can go down once we achieve our goals are:

• We stop working quite as hard
• We don’t think we need God as much, we lose our humility
• We over rely on just our self and think we are “better” than others
• We get lazy; we think we have “arrived”
• The fire that drove us to get there is gone because we already achieved what we set out to do

Back to my theory. I have to give proper respect to Tom Brady who works just as hard, or perhaps even harder, today as he did the first day he played football. He works just as hard today as he did after Super Bowl #1, #2, #3….ok, I won’t do this 9 times. I’d bet a million bucks he is constantly setting new goals. Quite frankly, that is not common and neither are his accomplishments.

So, how do we avoid slipping down the icy roads of post goal achievement?

We set new goals. Wow, that sounds so simple, but it is so easily abandoned once we achieve our goals. Just like you wouldn’t stay in the airplane once it arrived to its final destination, you wouldn’t stop setting new purpose driven goals if you want to continue to perform at your best.

This is good news! It gives us an opportunity to see how God wants to continue to use us and what different things we can pray for in that process. You can watch the Higher Power Mind Skill of GPS in the Motivation LESSON to learn more about the goal setting process and how to effectively set and reset goals. We know that God guides our steps, but he also encourages us to plan and that is what a good GPS does for you.

Don’t lose sight of good planning and insight. Hang on to them, for they fill you with life and bring you honor and respect- Proverbs 3:21-22

Dear God, please encourage everyone that reads this and give them a word, idea, or concept that will help them be used by You to do great and mighty things in Your name. Amen.

Much love,