Sometimes when my kids try things it is clear that they aren’t doing very good. Yes, it’s ok to say that. For example, my little boy tried to jump rope the other day and missed every jump. EVERY. SINGLE. JUMP. He turned to me and said, “I’m not good at this”. He was right and I wasn’t going to lie and say he was doing great in order to make him feel like everything should come easy. BUT, what I did do is I asked him to repeat it by saying “YET” at the end. So he said “I’m not good at this YET”.

And poof….with that one little word it said:

1) I believe in you
2) Mastering things is a process and if you keep trying you can get it
3) It motivated him to keep trying IN THE MOMENT

So whatever it is that they are putting effort into, catch those moments when a “YET” is what they need. When we train ourselves and our youth to say “YET” it means the story is not over. It means there is still effort to be made. It means we are still in the fight. It means there is still victory to come.

Dear God, I pray that this brings a word of encouragement to those that read it. I pray that it helps armor youth with the world changing power of the mind. Amen.