Personally, I’m loving March Madness right now because my team, University of Virginia, just won it all, baby! The 2019 NCAA College Basketball National Champions!

I’ve made it a general philosophy not to pray for a team to win or lose, but man, if ever there was a time to almost break it, it was this! (For the record, I do pray for things like strength, wisdom, endurance, etc. for all the various performers during the game though)

Here’s why we love March Madness….because it’s a clean slate. Teams get to move beyond everything they’ve done in the past and start new. Records don’t matter anymore (because we all know a #1 seed can go down any time). Teams get to play teams outside of their conference so we are no longer in a box of expectations and mind limiting comparisons. It gives us a beautiful opportunity to focus on what we CAN CONTROL and our wiN (from the Performing Under Pressure and Attention Control LESSONS) from a more pure and organic stand point. Because of this, it produces the excitement of the extraordinary.

For instance, last year University of Virginia was ranked #1 in the entire country and lost to UMBC, a #16 seed from America East Conference in the first round. WHAT??? WHAT??? That’ right. This year, that same University of Virginia team won it all. WHAT?? WHAT??? That’s right. The excitement of the extraordinary.

How about, youth do that too. How about, every once in a while we just throw our past out the window. I don’t mean all the great lessons we learn from our past (see Mental Filter from the Confidence LESSON). I mean we just throw out expectations and comparisons and start new; just take all those limitations of the mind and throw them in the trash. Break free because they aren’t true anyway.

Produce the excitement of the extraordinary.

Much love,

Dear God, I pray that anyone that reads this gets a word, an idea, or a thought that helps armor them with Your world changing power of the mind.