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Why we love March Madness

2019-04-12T10:11:34-07:00March 31st, 2019|

Personally, I’m loving March Madness right now because my team, University of Virginia, just won it all, baby! The 2019 NCAA College Basketball National Champions! I’ve made it a general philosophy not to pray for a team to win or lose, but man, if ever there was a time to almost break it, it was this! (For the record, I do pray for things like strength, wisdom, endurance, etc. for all the various performers during the game though) Here’s why we love March Madness….because it’s a clean slate. Teams get to move beyond everything they’ve done in the past and start [...]

What Is the Most Important Mental Skill?

2019-03-03T14:09:41-08:00February 28th, 2019|

Often times people ask me what I think is the most important mental skill. Some typical answers are "the one you need most", or "all of them", or "the one that is your biggest strength". In other words....it depends! But, I think what they are asking is what truly gives us the freedom to consistently perform at our best. In that case, this is my answer: Knowing you are loved and valued no matter how you perform. This may sound ironic and it is certainly not the vibe people get from society, but things based on Jesus are not of this [...]

Don’t Hate Tom Brady

2019-01-31T14:54:04-08:00January 30th, 2019|

I have a theory about what helps Tom Brady continue to go to Super Bowl, after Super Bowl, after Super bowl….ok, I won’t do this 9 times. Here’s the thing. It’s hard to get to the top, but it could be said that it is just as hard or harder to stay there. In our efforts to accomplish our goals, we often focus on achieving the goal, as we should. But what happens once we get it? We should celebrate, praise God, receive the joy, and intentionally reflect on what God did to get us to that point. Sometimes, what also [...]

Multi Tasking vs. Multi Shifting

2018-12-27T15:24:32-08:00December 27th, 2018|

Did you know the human brain can’t think of two things at the same time? Try it. Try to think of an elephant and a dog at the same time. Your mind is quickly going back and forth between the two animals. When it seems people are thinking about 2 or more things at one time, the brain is actually quickly (or not so quickly) shifting back and forth. Do you think this can affect how we perform? Absolutely! For example, if you are trying to text and do homework, the quality of one or both of those two “performances” will [...]

Getting the Joy Back; Overcoming Burnout

2018-11-30T21:12:16-08:00November 28th, 2018|

It is sad to lose joy over something you used to love. Burnout is often described as a decrease in desire to do a certain activity. Often times it makes us feel numb towards an activity that we once loved. We can even begin to feel resentment toward this activity that we are in. The thing is, usually this activity gave us excitement and joy at one point in our life so it can also be discouraging. This can change though! In some cases, burnout can be a sign that it is time to leave this activity. But this article is [...]

Overcoming Fear of Failure in Youth

2018-10-12T13:30:57-07:00October 9th, 2018|

  Fear of Failure is not a fear of something that is really, really, hard for you to do. Fear of failure is not a fear of something that is really, really easy for you to do. Fear of failure most clearly rears its powerful head when you are faced with something that truly tests your ability AND if you fail, you think it defines your ability. Let me give you an example. Example 1: Really, Really Hard: If you were on one side of the basketball court and you were dared to try and make a shot on the completely [...]

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